A cluttered desk at work is one of the main reasons for your inefficiency to complete work on time. Keeping your desk neat, clean and organized will make sure you have different energy around you, which is why you should make it a point to keep your desk clean. It brings in a fresh vibe, as you declutter all the unnecessary things that you have so carelessly scattered across your desk. How should you keep your desk organized and ensure it remains that way? Have a look at these tips:

  1. Segregate:
    Sorting out things helps. Segregate your desk clutter into what you need almost always and what you seldom require. Keep the first category neatly arranged on your desk. The second category can find it’s place in the drawers attached to your table. Use space optimally and remember what has been placed where. Accessibility matters, so keep that in mind too.
  2. Level up the desktop:
    If you place your desktop on a stand, this automatically spaces out your desk, giving you more space to utilize efficiently.table
  3. Install shelves:
    If possible, get shelves attached on the top of your desk. This space can be used to place all the items you require often. Shelves will make sure these things are accessible when you require them, without forming any clutter on the desk.
  4. Label files and boxes:
    To know what has been placed where label files and boxes. This will save your time and effort when you urgently require something. Place these files upright on shelves, so that you quickly pick out precisely what you need.
  5. Wipe the desk clean:
    This has to be your weekly affair. The desk in your workplace tend to get dirty with all the bacteria and dust, so make sure you wipe your desk clean once a week, with a cleaner and soft cloth.
  6. Declutter:
    All those family photos and other things you have placed on your desk to give it a more personalized look, make sure it doesn’t hinder your work occupy more space on the desk. Also, the things which belong back home – take them where they are meant to be. Decluttering creates more space, making your small desk huge!
  7. Use a trash can:
    Keeping one right near your desk will help you toss away all those messed up prints or unwanted papers right away.

Hope these tips help!

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