The growing, organizing and researching of various trees, shrubs, climbers, or other enduring plants is known as arboriculture. Through this, one can study the ways these plans and trees grow, and react to their ever-changing surroundings with varied climatic and physical factors. A person trained in arboriculture is known as an arborist.

Things to Know About an Arborist Report

A tree arborist is also known as a tree surgeon. He or she is an expert in tree care with training and highly professional skills. They are well trained in identifying many tree features which can help in the growth of the tree. These include techniques which reveal the age of trees, how to remove trees and stumps, cutting or trimming of leaves, transplanting trees, or even managing dangerous infections which might affect neighboring greenery.

About an arborist report

The local corporations often ask the arborists to produce a report. This report is mandatory which is required by the council to analyze the effect of the surrounding environment on the forest life. The arborists will carry out the necessary operations required to collect the facts for their arborist report and write it in them. He or she will also try and restore the health of trees which have been damaged due to various reasons such as diseases, lightning strikes, forest fires, etc.

Arborists provide many services which include planting of trees, tending to them, pest control, removal of trees, removal of selected parts of a tree, etc. Relying on the condition of the tree or after creating a definitive health care plan for the trees, an arborist can easily decide when these services are essential to be implemented.

A few matters of expertise of an arborist include giving their well experienced witness testimony in situations when any tree or plant has been destroyed or harmed, calculate the effect the trees have had on the surrounding land, give an approximate value of property during insurance cases, give advice on how to maintain and look after trees in the long run and how to protect them from any kind of disaster, and many other issues related to arboriculture.

An arborist report includes all the information about the condition of the tree, areas of problems, their cause and how to avoid them in the future. The arborist report proposes various ways in which the quality of the land improves. Some of these ways include carrying out fertilization, using pesticides to a limited amount, examining the issues related to the ground, etc. All of these issues are taken up with utmost thought given to the trees as well as the neighboring community.


One thing that is to be noted is that an arborist report has the privilege of being a legal document and any legal action can be taken concerning it. One can end up using an organization or an individual if it shows in the arborist report that their green cover has affected their livelihood in any way. Thus, an arborist has a very important responsibility in judging and examining trees and making decisions with the utmost care and precision.

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