The Grand Canyon is a very steep sided canyon which made by the Colorado River. It is hundred and forty-six kilometers long and twenty-nine km wide. The depth of this Canyon is more than a mile deep, and it has been created over hundreds of years. This is perhaps one of the best natural features of the USA which is well recognized by people all over the globe.

The Grand Canyon, as well as the rim which is adjacent, is part and parcel of a number of national parks and national monuments. This Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado River as well as its tributaries. The water cut channels through the rock layers over the period of time and at the same time the plateau was lifted up. When one takes a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, one is able to see the distinct layers of rock which have been cut through.


The Grand Canyon helicopter tour is not only very popular by tourists, but they are also extremely popular and exciting for geologists. The reason for this interest by geologists is that they can witness and see the sequence of these ancient rocks. This is perhaps one of the best places in the world where these sequences of rocks are so well exposed and very well preserved too.


When taking the Grand Canyon helicopter tours, one should be aware of the fact that the temperature throughout the canyon is not the same. In fact, the temperature of the northern rim is lower than the temperature in the southern rim. The reason for it is that there is a greater elevation in the northern rim.

Tourist activities

When tourists take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, they not only do it to get a view of the Grand Canyon but there are certain other tourist activities which are undertaken by persons who visit. For example, there is the Grand Canyon rafting which is taken up by those that are more adventurous as well as running, hiking and in fact, there is the Grand Canyon Ultra Marathon. This race is 78 miles long. People also hike to the river and back, and some prefer overnight camping.

For those tourists that are not satisfied with just the Grand Canyon helicopter tour, they can also go skydiving using small planes. There are planes which are used for visiting and getting aerial footage of the rim, and there is a Skywalk which is glass-bottomed. This attracts visitors especially those who have come from Las Vegas.

Thus when one decides to go to the Grand Canyon, there is no dearth of activities that he or she can undertake or be part of. As it is such a well-loved tourist destination, there are various facilities which one can enjoy and even the connectivity to other places is there. Since most of the tourists come from Las Vegas the connectivity to this city is perhaps the best. The tour companies usually even package their tour with a complimentary pick and drop to the hotel in Las Vegas.

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